This artcraft, which is both a tool and a collection piece, has been completely hand made, in the Province of Quebec, by the Knifemaker Éric Séguin.

Those knives are made from “440C” stainless steel. Because of its chrome grade, this kind of steel is the most corrosion resistant. The 58-60 RC helps to get its sharpness more extended. Handles are made from exotic wood, laminated wood, micarta (phenolic resin), bone, tooth and jaw.

All the prices include a skin sheet that I make myself, or moose handler, or many different naturals materials (see photos), except for kitchen knives who come with a wood holder. If you want something special, I can do it. You can go see sheet part.

Most of the design you see on my web site are sold, but is’s to give you idea of the various creatioons that I make by hand. I take all special order, can make (create) your own design… Feel free to call me.

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